Lucky Farrah F

I wasn’t going to add anything to the MJ death gorge-fest, but I’d rather watch Thriller on endless repeat for another week than have to read another mawkish blog about ‘poor Farrah Fawcett’. Google her and you end up with twaddle like this:

“The person I really feel bad for in all this is Farrah Fawcett. After all those months of suffering with cancer, poor Farrah could barely get in 12 hours of death coverage before Michael Jackson came along and stole the spotlight.” Continue reading “Lucky Farrah F”

Singing not drowning

I thought I had the whole ageing thing figured out – seen some of it already happen, thought I knew what else to expect and was grudgingly prepared for it. Silvery streaks in my hair, subcutaneous inner-tube (fast-inflate) around my middle, brown spots on my face that are more likely to be age spots than Kaposi’s Sarcoma and thus an early sign that I have AIDS. Continue reading “Singing not drowning”