Flapping around

What an incredible day that was! Personally, I had a great one. In the morning I went shopping and it was truly historic, the stores were pretty much deserted. It was like the Nordstrom instore pianist was playing just for me. Of course it was impossible to get served anywhere because all the employees were glued to the TV screens and glared at me if it looked like I had any questions. But for a few hours I felt like the survivor of some hideous pandemic nightmare. Which, after the last 8 years, I suppose we all are. Continue reading “Flapping around”

Golly basher

I’ve got a bit of a thing for soundtracks. I blame it on the musical ‘Joseph and his ritzy Dreamcoat’. I was taken to see a production of Joseph when I was somewhere around 10 or 11 and for my birthday that year I got the soundtrack and a little personal record player to play it on. It was the perfect way for my parents to make me stay in my bedroom even longer. Soon I would only come downstairs for meals. Until they installed the serving hatch on my bedroom door. Continue reading “Golly basher”

It’s Angle not Angel

It’s the perfect omen for my show. I went to the FronteraFest website this morning discovered that the title for my show is wrong. Instead of ‘Our Angle in Heaven’ it’s ‘Our Angel…’ All the press material the FronteraFest people have been sending out has the same mistake. I’m now waiting to hear back from someone and to get an explanation, although I suspect it’ll be of the ‘oops, well it looked like it was a typo so we corrected it’ variety. And yes, it does look like a typo, but it’s supposed to. Continue reading “It’s Angle not Angel”