Born just shy of 1970, Maggie grew up in a small English village 50 miles and a century away from London. Her parents taught her traditional British values such as “children should be seen and not heard”. This made for a quiet childhood.

Maggie couldn’t wait to escape to a place with pizza delivery and moved to London when she was 17. Unable to afford the pizza because of ridiculously high rents, she took a job delivering sandwiches on a tricycle.

Maggie graduated from a college which has since been knocked down and replaced with a comedy club and wine bar. Few people noticed the difference. She met her future husband in London and he whisked her off to his American homeland. They chose to live in Austin after a trip in February 2000. It was a glorious 85 degrees, so they unpacked the VW Bug and stayed.

As a stand-up comic, Maggie has worked with headliners Tom Ryan, Maria Bamford, Eddie Gossling and Kristin Key in Austin, San Antonio and clubs across Texas. Maggie’s dry comedy style is drawn from her British background and experiences of living in Texas, along with her slightly irrational views of parenting and fear of children.


Maggie also works as an actor and voiceover talent in Austin, Texas.

Her voiceover work includes corporate sales promotions, on and off-camera television work and volunteering for non-profit organizations such as Reading Eyes for the Blind.

In January 2006, Maggie performed her first solo show, Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower at the fringe festival FronteraFest. It was selected as a Best of the Week Performance. Since then she has performed four more solo shows, including Kevorkian’s Cat which received Best of Fest in 2012.

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