My Stormy dog post

I’ve made pacts with the devil before. There was the pregnancy scare when I promised to never drink again so long as I got my period. And the one where I’d definitely never drink again so long as the room would stop spinning. And of course the one where Erik and I would never get it on in the parking garage at AOL UK again, so long as Tony the mailroom guy didn’t tell everyone what he saw. But this one was different. It didn’t involve alcohol. Continue reading “My Stormy dog post”


Ok, so I don’t actually have any reviews of the show, despite the promise/threat of one being published. Searching around, I found some great reviews of Robert Faires one man show of Henry V, still running in Austin, including:

“The show is so uniformly excellent, so seamlessly integrated we hardly know where to begin describing its many virtues—” Continue reading “Reviews”