Austin Chronicle Review 1/29

Our Angle in Heaven’

Our Angle in Heaven┬áis indeed the correct spelling of the title of Maggie Gallant’s solo show. It’s taken from a misspelled sign that one of her eight characters sees alongside the road in the days following Princess Diana’s death. It’s an emblem of the imperfect, idiosyncratic reactions of a broad spectrum of British subjects during a time of perceived national unity and mourning. Continue reading “Austin Chronicle Review 1/29”

Unplugged at the fringe

Don’t make assumptions. I should have it tattooed on me as a permanent reminder. Not really, because that’s a lot of text, especially in one of those fancy cursive fonts. Might look good in Kanji I suppose. Plus, it would have to be tattooed some place obvious, so I’d see it regularly. Otherwise, if it was on my upper arm or somewhere, it would just help other people not make assumptions and I’m not prepared to give them that kind of leg-up, especially as I know they wouldn’t even be grateful. Continue reading “Unplugged at the fringe”