The Middle Ages explained

Philosopher Alain de Botton is quoted as saying
“By the time we are 50, we are definitely in the suburbs of mortality.”

I like this quote a lot. It’s far better than all the bollocks about 50 being the new 10, etc. Isn’t it time we put an end to the late running of previous decades and got them back on track? Plus as I hurtle towards 50 I see mortality in different terms. It’s less something to be feared and more a chance to finally get some decent unbroken sleep. Continue reading “The Middle Ages explained”

My socks are revolting

There is a phrase ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ which explains a lot about me. Not being a god bothering type I’m not entirely clear on the meaning but I suspect that it’s saying that god only likes clean people. Which is understandable really. I always thought that all that communing with lepers and washing beggars feet stuff was a bit overdone. Not even Mother Theresa stooped that low and she was only 4ft tall. Continue reading “My socks are revolting”