Get Fit After 45 (and Definitely Before 50)

At some point in the last few years I joined the Facebook group ‘Get Fit Over 40’. I had foolishly hoped that it might tell me how to get fit in my 40s but so far it has been a succession of contrary posts, one day telling me that I’m beautiful just as I am and the next berating me for not putting my shoes on and sweating off my disgusting fat pockets. Continue reading “Get Fit After 45 (and Definitely Before 50)”

Cottonelle perverts

This blog is not my fault. There you’ve been warned.

I have been forced by the marketing people at Cottonelle to add ‘Refresh’ to my list of words that are nauseating and unacceptable for public use. The list includes moist, beverage, milky, cuddle and towelette. Some sick individual decided to create the ‘Cottonelle Refresh Lounge’ at SXSW to promote their bottom wiping products. Continue reading “Cottonelle perverts”

Babies. Ugh.

Everyone I know is pregnant. Alright perhaps not everyone, but a lot of them. It is one of the perils of my hanging around 20-somethings so that they can look a lot older than they really are. It’s my gift to the young’uns because everyone knows that the good stuff doesn’t start happening until your 30s. Even if you were silly enough to have babies before that. Continue reading “Babies. Ugh.”