What Was the Soundtrack to Your Life?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Posted by

Most people have at least one song that marks an important moment in their life, whether jubilant or calamitous. Share yours by clicking here.

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On 9/11, an Austin radio station asked for requests and a listener called in Imagine by John Lennon which is a song about peace. Now when I hear it, it makes me both a little sad and hopeful. –Debbie A

It’s so hard to pick just one… there’s my teen years being introduced to Zeppelin and Floyd… there’s the cast party after the senior year in high school musical ended where we were all in a circle swaying and singing to We Are The Champions… but I have to go with Barry Manilow Greatest Hits double album. Wore that thing out starting around age 9 or 10 and still listen to it today. The nostalgia and feelings it brings up every time I hear it… I know all the words to all the songs…I even had a t-shirt with his picture on it when I was about 11. Yep, I was a full fledged nerd and Manilow fan and proud of it! Seen him in concert twice, once in Vegas. He really puts on a great show even to this day – gives it all to his fans. — Beth B

Listening to Damien Rice’s “O” album during a bad breakup and then the subsequent makeup. One of the few albums that was a soundtrack to moments of utter misery in my life as well to the  celebration of falling in love again.--Mandy D

The soundtrack that reminds me of highschool is Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR) greatest hits.  My friends and I would pile into my car and roadtrip over to Louisiana where the drinking age was 18.  We had many good times! The other soundtrack that stands out to me is REM’s Automatic for the People.  Whenever I was going through a rough patch, I would play the song Everybody Hurts which always resulted in tears.–Melinda O

My Senior assembly at Stephenville High School 1978 I had the privilege of singing “We are the Champions” with a live band, and I remember everyone standing at the end of the song one arm extended over their heads fingers folded into the #1 sign pointing toward the heavens and everyone changing the last line to “no time for losers cuz we are…#1” I just got a chill…that was 31 years ago, oh my. –Victoria K

Dennis Jernigan’s All in All. Poignant connection with a near tragedy in my life. There we go: the serious entry from the serious person! But I’ll come ready to smile for Queen!!!! –Lynn H

I used to spend hours in my room pretending I was Pat Benatar. I could belt out a mean, “Heartbreaker” into my hairbrush microphone. –Lauren B

My musical memory is the day I realized I had unconsciously adopted the words in 2 songs as the path to follow for my life: Tumbling Tumbleweeds and Don’t Fence Me In! Yikes…
–Micki S

Jules Shear, ‘If We Never Meet Again.’ I remember playing this for my wife on the guitar, and her telling me how much she liked it. –Erik K

A non-Queen memory. Phil Collins, Against All Odds. I was 19 and after a nasty break-up with the then love of my life, I played this every morning before I caught the train to work. This ensured I would arrive at my job at the health food store with red eyes and bits of tissue stuck to my face. –-Maggie G