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How to exercise (at 57.33 years)

In 2015 I took a Zumba class at the Austin Ballet studio. It was mostly a snarky move on my part, a …

Blue Skies, Rainbows, and Sunshine

A few years I was booked by a memory care community to bring music and memory programs to the reside…

Being British at the theatre

After a long absence, I’ve started venturing back to the theatre. I love the experience of wat…

Who am I?

Well that was quite a week. It had everything – fear, courage, strength, pride, and healthy do…

Not today, thank you (or how to handle god-botherers)

I really enjoy going to senior living communities with my ‘British Woman’ programs. I me…

To audition, or not to…make a complete tit of myself

One of my favorite memories of being with my mum was taking her to the Piccadilly Theatre in London …

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Betwixt & Between

I’m proud to announce that my latest play, Betwixt & Between had its online premiere at the Adoption Knowledge Affiliates 2021 conference. This was a virtual reading, with professional direction by Suzanne Bachner, and features British actor, Karen Bartholomew alongside myself and Austin actor Genevieve Schroeder-Arce.

Set on January 15, 2020, the day that New York adoptees gained the right to obtain their original birth certificate, Betwixt & Between is about the liminal space between knowing and unknowing, aka The Gap’ (no, not that one). When Lucy trips into ‘The Gap’ she is confronted by her thirteen-year-old fantasy self, Eloise, and the Caseworker assigned to help them both. When Eloise pushes too far, Lucy must grapple with who she is, who she was, and who she might have been.

Made In China

I’m thrilled that my monologue, Made In China, was selected as one of the 13 finalists for the Hear Me Out New American Monologue Competition. The competition theme was ‘borders’. So of course I wrote about a panda.

All of the finalists’ pieces were performed live(via Zoom) in front of an audience of nearly 300 people during the Labor Day Festival on September 6, 2021. Watch the recording.