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Dear Sir, I have too much time on my hands

From letters page of Austin Chronicle :

Dear Editor.

I see in the movie listings that Oliver Twist will be advance-screening in Austin this week. I?d just like to remind moviegoers that it was directed by a child rapist.

Is that like a child prodigy? No, I guess not. I’m sure your timely reminder is relevant to the movie but could you expand a little. Has Polanski perhaps used his experience as a child rapist to draw out more powerful performances from the young actors?

People should remember that when movie reviewers inevitably gush about Roman Polanski?s greatness and skill and blah blah, they?re heaping praise on a man who raped a 13 year old girl and then fled the country to avoid prosecution.

Not sure what Roman Polanski?s blah blah is. Is it the place he likes to be touched?

He?s apparently still allowed to walk the streets solely because he?s a famous Hollywood type. I expect this to be overlooked in most discussions of the film.

Heck no, not in this town buddy. I?m going to call Barnes and Noble right now so I can organise a film critique group that will tackle, head-on, the issue of whether Polanski is a famous Hollywood type or not.

If we decide he isn’t, then we will stay in that store until we have discussed all the other reasons why he’s still allowed to walk the streets. Or at least until they close at 11pm.

Name witheld.

Very good, indeed, my dear.