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Happy Christmas and all that

Yesterday we decorated our christmas tree. I was actually prepared to have no tree this year, given that Christmas is only a week away and I hadn?t really committed.
Him: ?We should put the tree up when I get back from Maryland?
Me: ?Ok?

But then Erik pulled out the stops on Saturday night and when I got back from the club, the tree was up and the lights were on. So yesterday I spent about 45 minutes hanging colored baubley things and decorations of christmas past. Even the weird looking straw donkey decorations from my childhood, that I got mum to send me in a fit of nostalgia failed to raise much festive cheer. I did however put a small string of tinsel around our Noah’s Ark replica and brought ugly Mrs Noah onto the upper deck. She really is quite hideous and may actually be of british descent. It’s no surprise that she was rarely mentioned in the story.

I?m pretty tired because I’ve been out doing comedy every night for the past week and a half so tonight we stayed in and watched some Christmas TV: Alan Partridge Knowing Me, Knowing Yule, which was as perfectly painful as ever. We’ve still got to squeeze in A Chrismassy (Father) Ted and the Office special before the end of the week. But I was actually too grinchy to watch Erik?s favorite, The Grinch.

Not sure why I?m such a grump this year. I don?t necessarily loathe christmas. I like buying presents more than receiving them, I like eating and drinking, I like spending it with our former neighbors and their family. But I don?t really like the reminder of another year passing by, without me having achieved very much. I certainly don?t need to hear John Lennon rubbing it in whenever I?m in a restaurant or bar.
?And so this is Christmas
And what have you done?

Well I didn?t just lie in bed having a peace-in John. And yes I know, that wasn?t even the same time period. Or clever.

Maybe part of the problem is having my birthday 5 days after Christmas. It gives even more of a sense finality to the end of the year. I should imagine Jesus felt the same, having the whole double celebration to contend with. At least a birthday is just one day though, there?s no three month build up where everyone gets themselves into a silly buying frenzy trying to find the perfect gift, cook the perfect meal, host the perfect party. Though if you have done all that for my birthday then rest assured, I?ll be very gracious and will not poo poo your efforts.