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Funniest Thighs in Austin

The Funniest Person in Austin contest has started. In both the prelim rounds so far, a woman has made it through to the semis. That’s not easy, given that there’s only been 2 women and 13 men in each round.

And they made it even harder on themselves by failing to mention the size of their thighs or bums. Of course in both their cases, their thighs – and probably bums too – are a very acceptable and quite pleasing size. So jokes about the horror of trying on jeans in changing rooms and those awful things that skinny step-children say to you might have fallen as flat as an A cup.

As I myself have found, its very difficult to be self-deprecating as a woman when youre neither fat nor ugly. We have to work so much harder at our comedy. Congratulations to Ruby Miller and Lisa D. My thighs may be fatter and my boobs a little larger, but I will NOT use them to my advantage.

Roll on Week 3.