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My show poster

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final_cropped1 Here’s the publicity photo for my show, minus all the poster blurb about dates and venues. I’m quite proud of it. Actually I’m proud of my husband who took the photo and did all the graphics and cleaning up work.

We took the shot in Austin at an undisclosed location. As the gates are very close to the road, I think passing motorists and cyclists may have thought we were setting up a roadside memorial for some tragic accident. Fortunately people just stared as they went passed, rather than interrupting our grief. I was tempted to leave the flowers and teddy bears and see if anyone else added to the gravesite, but more likely they’d have just been nicked. Times are hard.

Next I have to get postcards and posters made for my grand marketing campaign and plunder my address book for people I haven’t spoken to in a year in the hope of getting them to come and see the show, without being that obvious. And there’s still the small niggly issue of learning how to act but there’s no rush.

More show info soon.