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How many mistakes are in this picture?

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Less than two weeks till the opening of my new show, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. I’m strangely calm. Strange in that, I’m still messing around with the script; haven’t recorded any of the sound cues; am having trouble channelling my inner American teenager and haven’t figured out an effective replacement for the Queen songs I was going to play, until EMI told me I wasn’t.

On the positive side, I have a Rubik’s cube, an avocado green rotary dial phone, a Freddie Mercury doll and a Raleigh Chopper bike. I’m also learning the choreography to Hey Mickey, for no other reason than it’s a distraction from working on my lines. Thank god I’m the director.

The show is a bit in the vein of my old nemesis, Gemma Wilcox or GW. Not literally in it, because her vein would probably be icy cold and filled with poisonous venom, but in the sense of it having multi-character scenes like her FronteraFest show. In non-wanky talk, this means that in parts of the show I play two characters in dialogue with each other and switch between them. Gemma made it look easy, I on the other hand shall prove to the audience just how difficult it really is and how much practice is required to pull it off.

If you’re a Queen fan, you should definitely come to the show. Unless you’re also a fan of the ‘We Will Rock You’ musical that’s still plaguing London. And if you don’t like Queen, at least there’s none of their damn awful songs in the show. Thanks again EMI.

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