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My Year in a Cult

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Yes, it’s my one year anniversary of Crossfit. As the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, I shall be sending myself a letter with ‘Do Not Suck’ written on it.

Over the last year I’ve radically changed my diet (Erik calls it drinking the Kool-Aid, though of course that’s totally non-Paleo). I’ve managed to overcome most of my fear about handstands, which was primarily about cracking my head open or breaking my back and I can now do pull-ups which makes me feel like a badass. Though I still pronounce this as bad arse which I fear limits its cool.

I can jump on and off a 20 inch box, which will be handy if I ever get bored of getting into a chair the traditional way. I’ve also become better pals with a barbell loaded with plates, though it’s not so happy when I try to throw it over my head. Mind you, in fairness nor is my dog.

I actually tried Crossfit five years ago when they first started. I loved working with Jeremy and Carey but I was also still in triathlon mood  and thought Crossfit would just supplement that. Actually Advocare pills are Crossfit supplements but that’s another thing.

I stopped going after we were doing deadlifts a couple of months in and the coach told me I was using baby weights and should go up. This was nonsense of course because everyone knows that babies are podgy, weak and have no muscle definition. So who looks like an idiot now?

Anyway, I went back to bootcamp and running and yoga until I hit 45 and saw the flotation device around my stomach. Though better than a seat cushion in the event of emergency, it also signaled muffin top jeans. So I swallowed my pride and some Advocare supplements and signed up again.

One year on and I’m going to Crossfit classes three times a week and Lean Lifting twice a week. I’m not running, though I was recently the Masters winner in a 5k so thank goodness for old women slower than me. I still try to fit in a day or two of yoga so that I can stare at my abs in the mirror for 90 minutes and wince when I have to lift my arms above my head.

I now look forward to my workouts with a keen sense of dread. I’m often reminded of my old school reports that would usually say ‘Margaret tries hard and sometimes this pays off’. These days it’s paying off more than it used to.

So yes, I admit it, I’m addicted. I have the best coach in the gym. I’m surrounded by a group of amazing, supportive and strong women and at 46 I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been.

Unfortunately though, so are most of the other 45-49 year old women in my Crossfit region. My division ranking in the Crossfit Sectionals competition was 848 when I last looked. Bloody hell.

Anyway, cheers to Carey, Jeremy and Jen and by the way, I’m now deadlifting 210 pounds and going up. Baby got strong.