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House Shaming in the 78704

There’s a line in my show, Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower, about how I used to ‘envy my friends who looked their mum or dad…even the ugly ones’. It comes right at the start and I thought it was funny (still do) but in last year’s run, the audience never responded to it and seemed to tense up. So my director suggested changing ugly to ‘…the less attractive ones’. Read More »House Shaming in the 78704

I bought a parrot dress

And this raised the question. Am I trying too hard to look youthful, or have I crossed into the old-and-bold-won’t-be-told phase of clothes shopping? Mostly I fear looking like I got trapped in the Tommy Bahama outlet store with Prue Leith as my stylist.Read More »I bought a parrot dress