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Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower

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Austin Chronicle
“Slow-burn storytelling that captivates with its blend of cheekiness and honesty”

  CBC News
“Gallant sparkles like the Eiffel Tower’s light show”

  Winnipeg Free Press
“Gallant is a passionate storyteller, captivating the audience with personal anecdotes and her quest to connect, but most importantly, eat hot dogs at the Eiffel Tower with ‘French Papa.'”

How many times will she find out she isn’t who she thinks she is?

What kind of parent KNITS their daughter a wool swimsuit? Or gives her a briefcase for her 11th birthday? Or keeps her in the dark about where she came from? British comedian Maggie Gallant shares her childhood embarrassments and adulthood discoveries as she unleashes a Pandora’s Box of hope, lies and ‘un très magnifique’ French Papa!

Performances of this show:

Hyde Park Theatre, Austin, September-October 2019
Winnipeg Fringe Festival, July 2019
FronteraFest Long Fringe, January 2016
Dallas Solo Fest, June 2016
SOLOCOM, New York City, November 2015