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What did you think about when you pulled into the Humane Society parking lot late that night with your dog. Your dog with the matted coat and open wounds on her back and face. Your dog wearing the choke chain collar on a long leash that in her distress she wound around the ground lamp so tight that she was found standing less than a foot from the hot lamp. Your dog that was found barking for attention, dehydrated and likely bewildered by its circumstances. Your dog that doubtless remained loyal to you right up to the point you walked away. Did you just tire of her or didn?t she win the fights for you anymore? Did you pride yourself on your last generous act of bringing her to the Humane Society rather than dumping her. Did you tell yourself that it really wasn?t any different disposing of her there that night rather than waiting for the shelter to open. Well guess what. The Humane Society only takes owner-surrendered dogs. All the others go to the City shelter, where they either make the adoption program or has 5 days to find a new home. Your dog didn’t make the adoption list. Still, at least you don’t have to think about her anymore.