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A selection of recent full-length plays, short plays, and monologues. For copies of scripts or more information, please contact me. Subscribers to New Play Exchange (NPX) can download my scripts from my NPX page.

Betwixt & Between

A one-act play that embodies the experience and complexities of the ghost kingdom. Set on January 15, 2020, the day that New York adoptees gained the right to obtain their original birth certificate, Betwixt & Between is about the liminal space between knowing and unknowing, aka The Gap’ (no, not that one). When Lucy trips into ‘The Gap’ she is confronted by her thirteen-year old fantasy self, Eloise, and the Caseworker assigned to help them both. When Eloise pushes too far, Lucy must grapple with who she is, who she was, and who she might have been.

Premiered online at the 2021 Adoption Knowledge Affiliates Conference.

Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower

A 60-minute solo comedy. What kind of parent KNITS their daughter a wool swimsuit? Or gives her a briefcase for her 11th birthday? Or keeps her in the dark about where she came from? British comedian Maggie Gallant shares her childhood embarrassments and adulthood discoveries as she unleashes a Pandora’s Box of hope, lies and ‘un très magnifique’ French Papa!

Most recently performed at the 2019 Winnipeg International Fringe Festival, and at Hyde Park Theatre, Austin TX, where it was directed by Ken Webster.

Austin Chronicle
“Slow-burn storytelling that captivates with its blend of cheekiness and honesty”
Broadway World Austin
“A must-see. Gallant’s utterly brilliant writing and performance feels like a privilege to experience”

CBC News
“Gallant sparkles like the Eiffel Tower’s light show”

Charlotte The Last

Londisland, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Full-length play in development. London, 2051. Princess Charlotte, middle child of King William, isn’t deliberately childless, she’s consciously child-free. But the clock’s ticking on her 36th birthday and the British public demands to know when she will do her duty and produce an heir. Over at London Zoo, the pandas face similar scrutiny and time’s running out. Prince George, Charlotte’s brother, and next in line to the throne, manipulates his sister with guilt, shame, and childhood games.

Will it be God Save the King, or God Save the Pandas?

Conversations with Dog

A series of monologues, including:

For the Best
Moving a loved one out of their home. How do you justify it? How do you forgive yourself? Miles tries his best to explain, while Lenny blissfully snoozes at his feet for the last time.

Hit Your Mark, Look for Bacon
Bosco has been yelled at by the scientologist and stunt loving action film star. Tina tries every tactic to lure him out from under the sofa and back on set. If she fails, they both lose.

Seen and Not Heard
Why are women still being blamed when they are the victims of sexual harassment and assault? Ali sits with her seeing-eye dog, Kira, and tries to make sense of what’s happened.
Written partly in response to the abduction and murder of Sarah Everard in March 2021.

Kevorkian’s Cat

Ten-minute play. Former bioethicist, Professor Oliver now lives in a memory care center. He is befriended by Cat who seems to visit the rooms of residents shortly before they pass away.. Is it a special gift or something darker? Oliver’s wife Vicki wants that cat away from her husband. But Cat knows that today is Oliver’s Big Day and Vicki may be about to spoil their plans.

Inspired by the true story of Oscar, the nursing home cat.

Best of Fest selection at FronteraFest Short Fringe Festival.

To the End of Time

Credit: kqedquest

Ten-minute play. Ursula and Liam dance their last dance together on the West coast of Ireland. Ursula fears the giant claws getting closer, and is desperate to see their species survive. Liam is stress-eating and trying to hold in a devastating secret.

A great play for Irish dialect practice.