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I have a bit in my comedy about the term ‘fuck me pumps’ and how I wonder what these are. Generally, it means the high heeled, strappy, tarty kind of shoes, hence the name, but my fuck-me-pumps are made by Puma. Phonetically, that?s Pyuma and not Pooma as seems to be the American way of buggering up a name. I?m not sure how many pairs would count as an addiction but I?m sure it?s more than my current four —these being my latest purchase. It?s just the other six pairs that I?m currently eyeing up that may push me over the edge. As addictions or obsessions go, this isn?t so bad and money-wise they?re a whole lot cheaper than at home. But damn they?re just so cool, not so much fuck me, as screw you. What I generally don?t also mention is that they?re incredibly comfortable. I would say that they?re slipper-like in their fit, except that would suggest that I?ve worn slippers at some point in my life, which is of course totally ridiculous.