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What did that last entry mean? It didn’t even make sense. I just wanted to write something as a place holder because I?m trying to update my blog every couple of days and yesterday I realized I hadn?t. I was trying to think of something other than comedy and then Uncle Brian popped up. Not literally, because I think he?s dead. It was a weird thing for him to say though wasn?t it? Well-intentioned perhaps, but I remember feeling quite creeped out by him. Happily spent the 50 pence on sweets and crisps though.

Oh there?s too many thoughts in my head today to write about any one thing. Sorry but you’re just getting a cobbled together list of not very much. Sounds about as enticing as a bowl of my mum’s (Campbells) cream of mock turtle soup.

Erik (husband) recently bought a Vespa and I?m loving it. We ride around town like a couple of kids, not in terms of driving style, just in terms of having fun. I don?t have my license yet so I get to hang on the back and try not to tip us over. The great thing about a Vespa is that they feel so fast even at slow speeds. When he hits 40 I get that sensation you get on a plane when the pilots hits the throttle to prepare for take-off. I resist the urge to go ?Wheeee?

The best present my mum ever gave me (aside from rescuing me from the orphanage) was a subscription to the British Marie-Claire magazine. It?s chunky and glossy and just begs to be read with a bar of Cadbury?s chocolate. Or at least a nice cup of tea. It has this incredible mix of fashion, interviews and hard news stories and – here?s the bit where I?ll sound like an ad campaign – I feel like it?s grown with me. I know, sorry, but I?ve been reading it for 15 years. It?s so different from the dreadful American women?s magazines whose content seems to fall into two categories: perky sex tips for blondes or cookie recipes for the menopausal.

I wonder how many times I?ll watch The Office 2 hour finale. Watched it again last night because it was on TV but I couldn’t face the ads so I had to get the DVD out. I think I?m up to 6 viewings. I still get emotional at the end and nostalgic for my crappy days in Wernham Hogg replicates. Add to this the multiple viewings of each episode from seasons 1 and 2 and I?m in danger of becoming an Office-quoting geek. I?ll be an update of my 17 year old self when me and my friend Karen would get in a bottle of Lambrusco, an order each of sausage, chips, peas and gravy from the local Chinese take-away and listen to the same old Monty Python tapes over and over.

Writing a regular blog is good for me. Aside from the fact that I much prefer to write than talk, it also means that I edit myself less. While I may spend hours crafting a joke, I try and write these entries as fast as I can in the hope of beating my critic to the finish. Then I read them back and only allow myself one round of edits. If I don’t like an entry, I just have to write a few more pieces so it goes off the front page and into the archives. Which is probably what I’ll start doing now.