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Now I get it

Last night I think I figured out how to perform my play. The key seems to be to have fun – a novel concept for me. And of course to load the audience with your incredibly supportive friends.

Last night the whole thing seemed to come together and I finally worked out some kinks both in my writing and my acting that were bothering me. I now understand why big shows have two or three nights of previews. Rehearsals just aren’t the same, you can only figure some things out in front of a real audience. I just hope it wasn’t too obvious.

It’s been a really fascinating week, I’ve learned so much from my performances and from watching and sharing the space with Zell Miller, III. I’m not sure what will happen to ‘Hot Dogs’ beyond this run and I’m ready to start my new piece for Fronterafest 2007. But I’m truly excited that from this point I get to do the show three more times and to see how it finally ends up.

Probably as a musical.

Please support the closing weekend. Reviews be damned (or maybe praised)
Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower runs Thurs to Sat 24-26 at the VORTEX, Austin.
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