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Nowt much

Went to see ‘The Departed’ last night. Pretty decent movie and it certainly proved just how awful the Boston accent is. Watched it at the Alamo Drafthouse, the only movie theater I enjoy going to because they cut anyone that talks or otherwise disrupts the experience. You don’t have to get involved, you simply write the person’s name or location on a piece of paper, stick it in the holder and wait for the staff to come and collect it. It’s all very discreet. You can also order food or alcohol using this method, but it’s more fun to rat out other movie-goers.

I did show remarkable restraint towards the woman on my row who was apparently watching the movie Borat in her head. While I accept that a few moments in The Departed did warrant an ironic chuckle or two, her full force laughter was never appropriate, even when Martin Sheen died. But I still let her live.

I’m writing about last night because I’ve got bugger all done today. I got up early to run with my friend Jessica and then I worked out with coach Jeremy. I now only train with people whose initial is J, it’s a very elite group. Tomorrow is pilates with Jashley.

Did some writing and then read Eric Idle’s diary of his solo tour across the US – the Greedy Bastard Diary. Brilliant book for Python fans and even better because I found it in the bargain section of BookPeople. When Erik and I were in San Francisco a few years back, we saw Eric on one of our trolley journeys. I was far too British to do anything more than give a slight nod in his direction and frown upon all the touristy types that were chatting away with him. I wasn’t mentioned in the diary, which I think proves that my respect for Mr Idle’s privacy was mutually held.

Speaking of dignity, I sent Erik off to see my massage therapist today. Apparently she told him to ‘undress as far as he felt comfortable’. I’m interested in what people take from this. How clothed do some people remain? Erik held up his own, so to speak, and stripped off fully. But I was never given this option and I wonder if I should have shown a little more ladylike decorum on that first visit. Or at least shaved more closely.

Forget the day, tonight I’ll be amazingly productive. I’ll get all my writing finished – new stand-up material for next week, a sketch or two, the start of my untitled and unwritten Fronterafest show, a more witty and interesting version of this blog. Just as soon as I’ve watched the finale of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.