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I’ve just started a new training program with a local group called CrossFit. I was doing the CrossFit bootcamp for a while, which was as much fun as working out at 5.30am can be. This program is in the new Crossfit gym and I’m one of the pioneers, which makes it sound more dramatic than just being one of the first people to pay the monthly fee and turn up 3 times a week.


This is my group. The woman on the left is Carey, Crossfit coach, super-Ironman, mother and all-round tough nut. The other guys are all in the class and a bit out of my league. Fitness wise that is. I mean just look at me, you can imagine how they’re all totally into the 41 year old. ‘Just close your eyes and think of your mum’. This photo was taken at the end of initial introduction class and I term it my ‘before’ photo. At the end of the 4 week session I’ll take an ‘after’ photo, at which point I expect to have grown about a foot and be built like a UT linebacker. Crossfit promised me.