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It’s almost over. Tonight I’ll be performing the 10 minute piece that I’ve created over the past two weeks. Tomorrow, Erik will be showing the animation clip he’s been working on. Then it’s a long night of drinking and maybe another visit to the karaoke bar, before we have to leave Saturday morning. I’m ready to go home. We need to get the dog from her vacation home and hope she can act as excited to see us as we’ll be to see her. I can’t wait to sleep in the same bed as Erik and eat something other than salad. I want to watch television for the first time in two weeks and get back into exercising, rather than just wearing exercise clothes and pretending.

But I don’t want to say goodbye to everyone here. Not everyone, there’s probably a few hundred people here that I won’t have too much trouble separating from. But for my little group of 12 writer/performers and our guest artists, this is going to be hard. Got to stop being so mushy. I blame the classical music I’m listening to. Changing it to punk. Then I can happily hate everyone, including myself.

Show review sometime tomorrow.