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I haven’t exercised since I went to Fresno and I’ve got another triathlon on Sunday. So I’m now trying to cram two weeks of workouts and healthy eating into a couple of days. It’s what the professional athletes do, at least they would if they were lazy and had eaten oatmeal cookies twice a day because they were the best thing in the campus cafeteria.

Yesterday I tried a bit of running and was amazed to find that in my absence Austin has risen about 10,000 feet above sea level. The new altitude caused my lungs to burst, leaving me gasping for breath after only 400 metres. Why do things always change when you go away? As if that wasn’t enough, Whole Foods has just introduced digital price tags.

Tonight I’m going to rehearsals for my sketch group’s first show. I’ve got three sketches in it and this will be the first time that I’ve heard someone else perform something I’ve written. I’m forewarned though. After they had the first read-through I was told that the only ‘problem’ with my sketches is that my subtle British humour didn’t come through in the readings. This is the nice way of saying they weren’t funny. But not to worry, the director was going to tell the cast that these sketches had been written by a Brit. After which he would pat the Brit on the head and tell her how clever she was.

These are photos from my July 8 triathlon. Unfortunately this may be me at my peak.

Failed attempt to disguise my belly fat.

I like the stationary feel to this one.

With my gob open I look like a very tired half-wit. I hate my ear.