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Sell out

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Just found out that the night I’m performing ‘That Diana Look’ at FronteraFest is already sold out (Friday January 25th). It appears to be the first night of the festival to sell out. Clearly this is a predictor of my show’s brilliance and has nothing to do with people booking tickets for the other four pieces that will also be playing that night.If you don’t have tickets and want to see ‘That Diana Look’, you can hitch a ride with me to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in July where I’ll be performing it for a couple of weeks. It’d be great if you also knew where Winnipeg is. I’m clear on the Canada part.

Or you can still book tickets for the February 6th show at FronteraFest, when I’ll be doing my second show, ‘Stalking Roger Taylor’, also known as ‘the Queen one’. Do it now, so this one sells out too. I thrive on false hope.

Tickets are $12 each, show starts at 8pm. Five pieces of 25 minutes or less.