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It’s Angle not Angel

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It’s the perfect omen for my show. I went to the FronteraFest website this morning discovered that the title for my show is wrong. Instead of ‘Our Angle in Heaven’ it’s ‘Our Angel…’ All the press material the FronteraFest people have been sending out has the same mistake. I’m now waiting to hear back from someone and to get an explanation, although I suspect it’ll be of the ‘oops, well it looked like it was a typo so we corrected it’ variety. And yes, it does look like a typo, but it’s supposed to.

So now I look like a twat who can’t quite make up her mind how to spell angel, just like the original author of the sign back in 1997. Except that I’m not an idiot. So much for trying to be clever.

I can’t believe I’ve already used up a half a morning. Since turning 43, though really still being 42, I’ve become more conscious of my time and the fact that I waste so much of it. I was reading something recently about how if you could double your age and still imagine yourself pottering around, then you weren’t yet middle aged. Though if you use the word ‘pottering’ then you probably already are. I’m currently 86/84, which may also account for my craving for peppermints.

This morning I had a phone interview with the Austin Chronicle for a Long Fringe preview. I don’t like talking on the phone, my soundbites were long mealy mouthfuls that I hated even while I was still speaking them. And I was being recorded so I can’t use the old misquote line. As the journalist had spotted the whole ‘angle/angel’ error, he asked me where the title came from. The truth is, that I saw a similar sign when I was watching the coverage of the crowds at Diana’s funeral. However, I managed to turn this simple explanation into a minute long garble that centred around illiterate northerners and the British class structure. Brilliant. 

Next, the journalist was going to be talking to Gemma Wilcox. She’s also British, writes and performs solo, multi-character shows and will be performing her shows in the same theatre as me. Oh and she used to live in Austin and is, by all accounts, extremely talented, friendly and attractive. And probably eloquent too.

I have a new nemesis.