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It’s what happens when you’re alone in the house with your husband, reliant only on each other for entertainment because Tivo went out again. Yes, you create – just like god did, except we went slightly over a week because unlike him we have proper jobs to do as well.

It worked splendidly – writer and illustrator in perfect unison. Like your best ever knobbing day. Until this point I hadn’t quite understood where my studies at ACC were taking me. I’ll have a certificate in Meeting and Event Planning by the end of this year, but no clue what I’ll do with it. Admittedly, this has more to do with my reluctance to work more than half the week than a lack of opportunities in Austin for a brilliant student such as myself.

I was once going to be a writer for Fawlty Towers. It was around 1977 when I was 11. I don’t recall how I planned to achieve this and lucky for me I didn’t ask Jimmy ‘Jim’ll Fix It and then molest you’ Saville to intervene. But nothing makes Erik and me laugh like an episode of Farty Towels (Ep. 12 Basil the Rat), though if I had written it I would be Britishly self-deprecating about my precocious talent.

And then there’s Erik. Brilliant creator of the Dog A Day project, Hex Libris comic, and my all-time favorite, Erik and Monkey (Talk About Life) Lifelong comics and cartoons geek and always teaching himself something new. But gets too bogged down in work projects to remember how much people love the stuff he used to do for fun.

So, proving that a community college education is never wasted, I wrote a very short script about the events industry. Erik interpreted it perfectly and turned it into a proper comic strip and now we jointly and proudly present the first fruit of our loins/brains.

All the laughs. None of the ick. Birthing is easy. Where’s my push present?




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